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Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 4, April 2022  XML


Yield potentiality and photosynthetic parameters of some local and exotic elite rice genotypes

Page 1-11
S.A. Sedhom; M.E.M. El-Badawy; A.A.A. El-Hosary; M.I. Abo Yousef; A.B. Elsehely; K.A. Baiumy


Molecular evaluation of prepared Rift Valley Fever (RVF) vaccine using Montanide Gel 02 and its effect on the genetic material

Page 13-19
T A. El-Akkad; K E. Zaki; A G. EL Nagar; M H. Refaat


Assessment Study on the Mechanical Behavior of Polyester – Fiber Composite Laminates Filled with Waste Tire Rubber Particles

Page 21-23
A S.Abdel-Wanees; Bassant Hany Mousa; I M.Ibrahim; T S.Mahmoud


Pathological and physiological studies of Downy Mildew of Basil (Ocimum basilicum) Caused by Peronospora belbahrii in Egypt

Page 25-37
Eslam M.Abdullah; Raouf N.Fawzy; Khaled S.Eid; Ahlam M.Gowily; Agha M.K. M.; Gamal A.Ahmed


Effect of some factors on the production of curde exopolysaccharides with antioxedant activity from marine bacteria

Page 39-45
E G.Abd El Nasser; M G.Hassan; S A.Abo-Elmaaty; M E.El Awady; S S.Mohamed


Minimally Invasive Sinus Tarsi Approach for Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Intra Articular Calcaneal Fracture with Subtaler Joint Depression

Page 47-51
A M.Allam; E M.Bayomy; A Esmail; M Alewa


Zinc-aluminium layered double hydroxides: Fabrication, study and adsorption application for removal organic dye from aqueous media

Page 53-61
Hadeer G.Fouad; Alaa S.Amin; Ibrahim S.Ahmed; Ayman A.Ali


Effects of Some Agricultural and Fertilization Treatments on Growth Parameters and Productivity of Growing Wheat Grown on A Salt-Affected Soil in IRAQ

Page 63-77
A E.I.Khiralla; H H.Abbas; M A.Abd El-salam; Ihab M.Farid


Modulation of immune response in canine chronic wound stimulated with Class C CpG oligonucleotide

Page 79-84
Olla A. Khalifa; A M.Alakraa; A.H. Elkasapy


A systematic Review to Compare between Bridging Plate and Spanning External Fixator in Management of Comminuted Distal End Radius Fractures

Page 85-90
M F.Eldeeb; G E.Kazem; A.I. Bakr


Novel Acaricidal and Insect Growth Regulating Activity of Olive oil against Hyalomma dromedarii (Acari: Ixodida)

Page 91-96
Hosam S. Abosalem; Mohamed Y. Ramadan; Abdelfattah M. Selim; Hanem F. Khater


Dynamic Sand Filter Performance against High Solids Loads in Raw Water

Page 97-101
N.Y. Abuelkhair; M.H. El Nadi; H.A. Fouad; R.M. Hefny


Assessment of Serum Level of C1q/TNF Related-Protein Isoform 15 in Psoriatic Patients

Page 103-106
Y.Y. AbdElsamie; S.E. Ibrahim; I.A. Elsayed; E.M.E. Akl


Assessment of Serum Vitamin B12 Level in Patients with Acne after Isotretenoin Therapy and its correlation to Adverse Mood Changes

Page 107-111
M.I. Mohammed; M.M. Mahmoud; W. Mikhael; G.M. Abd El Khalik


Comparison of Rebound Tonometry and Goldmann Applanation Tonometry in Measuring Intraocular Pressure in Healthy Subjects

Page 113-117
R.M.A. Ahmed; M.T.I. Nawwar; W.M. Ourouk; M.T. Higazy


Regression Modelling of the Tensile Characteristics of 304l and 316l Stainless Steel Welded Joints

Page 119-123
S.S. Mohamed; M.A. Husain


Bactericidal capacity of Nano-composite against Multi-drug resistant bacteria associated with nosocomial infections in adult ICUs

Page 125-131
S.A. Abdelkader; H.S. Elsheshtawy; M.M. Amer; D.D. Ibrahim


Arabic Semantic-Based Textual Similarity

Page 133-142
Shimaa Ismail; AbdelWahab Alsammak; Tarek Elshishtawy


An expeirmental investigation for the effect of surface grinding parameters on the produced sureface roughness

Page 143-149
M.M. Salem; A.A. Ibrahim; S.S. Mohamed


Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with Helicobacter Pylori related dyspepsia

Page 151-155
M.M. Balabel; M.A. Metwally; H.R Elkholy; A.I. Kandil


Synthesis, Characterization of Some Fire-Retardant Polymers and their Application

Page 157-161
U.M Mahmoud; A.A Aly; M.N Diab


screening of Antibacterial Activity of Different Secondary Metabolites from Streptomcyces Against Potato Brown Rot and Soft Rot Diseases

Page 163-167
A.F. Hassan; M.G. Hassan; S.A. Abo-Elmaaty; M.E. El Awady; K.M. Elhalag


Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude of Maternity Nurses regarding Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Collection and Banking

Page 169-180
Asmaa.M. Esmail; Samia.A. Abood; SamahA. saed; Zeinab.R. AbdElmordy


Effect of Queue Management System on Quality of Nursing Care and Patient Satisfaction

Page 181-192
E.S. Guarte; F.F. Elsayed; S.I. Khalil


Evaluation of Neuropathic Pain in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: Relation to Clinical and Laboratory findings

Page 193-196
A.S. Elbrashy; A.F. Soliman; M.E. Khalil; N.H. Ibrahim; O.G. El Saeid


Wind-Based Multi-Regional Modelling and Control of Wind Turbines Generation

Page 197-205
Walaa.I. Gabr; Eman.T. Abdel Razik; H.T. Dorrah


production and Optimization of exopolysaccharides with antioxidant activity isolated from marine bacteria

Page 207-213
Mohamed.O. Abdel-Monem; Mervat.G. Hassan; Mohamed.E. El Awady; Battol.A. Moharam; Sahar S. Mohamed


Production and Optimization of Bioflocculant isolated from bacteria

Page 223-229
Mervat.G. Hassan; M.E. El Awady; Sahar.S. Mohamed; H.W. Elbanna; M.O. Abdel-Monem


Evaluation of the results of local injection of corticosteroid versus platelet rich plasma in treatment of plantar fasciitis

Page 215-221
B. Bashareef; E.E. Essmat; S. Bayomy; M. Abouzied


Inhibition mechanism of mild steel corrosion in acidic media by some amine compounds

Page 231-237
M. M. El-Naggar; A. S. Amin; S. M. Syam; S. M. Refaat; B. N. Ahmed


Novel Synthesis Zero -Valent Iron Nanoparticles for Removal alizarin red dye from aqueous Solution

Page 239-248
F. M. El-Naggar; N M. Ali; M. M.Moustafa; E. H. El-Mossalamy


Investigation On the Effect of Variation of Drilling Parameters On the Delamination Factor in Waste Tire Rubber Polyester Composite Laminates

Page 249-252
M. Mosaad; T. S.Mahmoud; Bassant Hany Mousa; Ibrahim Mousa; S. S. Mohamed


Bioactive Natural Products from Endophytic Fungi with Anticholinesterase Potential

Page 253-256
W M.Alsallami; M. G.Hassan; A. A.Hamed; M. O.Abdel-Monem; M. E.El Awady


Antibacterial Activity of Some Essential Plant Oils against Clinical Strain of Corynebacterium Stationis

Page 257-261
M. S.Awadalla; Z. Ebtsam; M. H.Yasin; A. Esmael


Zirconium Oxide nanoparticles: Fabrication, Study and Application for Removal of Organic Dye from Aqueous Media

Page 263-271
N. E.Marghany; M. M.Moustafa; A. M. El-Sharkawy; A. A.Ali


Effect of an Educational Program for nurses about High Alert Medications on their Competence

Page 273-282
E. M.Abd-Elrahman; G. M.Mostafa; A. G.Hasanin