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Comparative split-face research comparing two distinct combined microneedling techniques for the therapy of acne scars.

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 15 January 2024
Marina Nabih Awny; Maha Hussein Ragaie; Shimaa Shehata Ahmed


L-Ascorbic Acid Improves Fruit Setting and Activates Antioxidant Enzymes in Tomato Plants (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Grown Under Heat Stress Conditions

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 15 May 2024
Abdalla M. Abdelmonaem; Zeinab A. Abdou; Hany A. M. Sror; Mohamed M. Aboul Fotouh


The Potential Ameliorative Effect of Vitamin C versus Astaxanthin on Methotrexate Induced Damage in Rat Cerebellar Cortex: A Biochemical, Histological and Immunohistochemical Study

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 30 April 2023
Hanan Elkerdasy; Amany Mohammed Allam


Effect of Vegetable Oil Types and Vitamin C on Some Physiological Traits and Immune Status of Broiler Breeder Hens

Volume 55, Issue 6, November and December 2024, Page 1609-1617
Azhar Majid Ibrahim; Saaib Y. Abdul-Rahman


Comparative Study between the Neuroprotective Effect of Curcumin and Vitamin C against Neurotoxicity Induced By Acetamiprid on the Cerebellum of Male Adult Albino Rats: A Histological Study

Volume 7, Issue 2, July 2024, Page 81-91
Amira Shahat Mohamed; Maha Abdelbaki Ahmed; Dorreia AbdAllah Mohamed


Biochemical Studies in The Effect of Nitrite Ion in Pre-chlorinated Drinking Water in Sohag Governorate on Male Albino Rats and Treatment with Vitamin C

Volume 9, Issue 2, June 2024, Page 133-139
Nagwa Mohammed El-Sawi; Mostafa Redwan; Metwally Kotb Mahfouz; Mohamed Eid Elkholy


Antibacterial Effect of Different Vitamin C Formulations on Multi-drug Resistant Salmonella Serovars Recovered from Broiler Chickens

Volume 31, Issue 1, June 2024, Page 1-8
Ismail Abd El-hafeez Raheel; Marwa Mostafa Mahmoud; Ahmed Hussein Abed; Ahmed Elbestawy


The Possible Ameliorative Effect of Vitamin C Against Amoxicillin-Clavulanic Acid Toxicity in the liver of Adult Male Albino Rats

Volume 28, Issue 2., 2024, Page 64-73
Hanaa Abdel Sattar Mohammed; Ahmed Talaat galal; Mohammed Abdel Rahman Mahmoud; yasmeen bander hosny


Effect of In Ovo Injection with Ascorbic Acid on Hatchability, Hatching Weight and Muscular Gain in Broiler Chickens.

Volume 17, Issue 1, April 2024, Page 1-18
M. S Ali; Ramadan Sary; Meray Nabil Ramsis; E Rashad; A. F. Tohamy; E. F. Khalifa


Chronic Vitamin C or E Supplementations Impair Insulin Sensitivity and Increased the Diabetogenic Effect in Rats

Volume 44, Issue 2, December 2023, Page 30-41
Sara A Shaker; Mervat Y Hanafi; Shima A Mahmoud; Magda A Meghad; Madiha H. Helmy; Maher A Kamel


Role of Vitamin C Supplementation in Alleviation of Aflatoxin-Contaminated Feed of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Volume 31, Issue 2, December 2023, Page 231-245
Sara S. El-Nahal; Mohamed A. Amer; Mohamed F. Osman; Kareem M. Ahmed


The Effective Role of Nano Selenium and Probiotic in Reducing Ochratoxicosis in Rats

Volume 11, Issue 1, December 2023, Page 1-11
Eman M. Younis; Marwa F. Hassan; Pierre E. Mehanny; Asmaa G. Abd El-Monsef; Eman Sh. Laz; Mogda K. Mansour


The Possible Protective Role of Vitamin C against Bisphenol-A-Induced Structural Changes on the Adrenal Cortex of Adult Male Albino Rat: Histological, Immunohistochemical and Morphometric Study

Volume 46, Issue 3, September 2023, Page 1418-1430
Reneah Refaat Bushra; Hala Mohamed Hassanin


The Possible Histological Defensive Effect of Vitamin C Against MSG Thymus toxicity of Adult Male Albino Rat

Volume 46, Issue 3, September 2023, Page 1309-1325
Amal ali Abd EL HAFEZ; Naglaa Sarhan; yassen Foda; Sadika Al Ebs; Merfat Mondey Oreby


Effect of Gelatin and Ascorbic Acid Edible Coatings on the Quality of Sweet Pepper Fruits.

Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2023, Page 89-100


Effects of electronic cigarettes and nicotine on the ventral surface of rat tongue and the possible role of a combination of vitamin C and E.

Volume 48, Issue 2, August 2023, Page 53-58
Yasmine M Tolba; Samia S Omar; Amel R El-Hak; Dina A. Nagui


Effect of some Treatments Stimulating Growth and Yield on Pea Plants Grown under High Temperature Conditions

Volume 14, Issue 7, July 2023, Page 373-378
Hoda I. Ahmed; E. E. I. Taha


Protective Effects of Vitamin C and E Against Monosodium Glutamate Induced Histological Changes in The Epididymis of Adult Male Albino Rats

Volume 54, Issue 3, May and June 2023, Page 525-540
ALI SALOU QASIM; Intissar Numman Waheed


The Ameliorative Effect Of Vitamin C Against Hematological , Biochemical , Oxidative And Immunosuppressive Effect Of Cadmium Chloride In Rats.

Volume 54, Issue 3, May and June 2023, Page 379-394
Inas M. Elgharib; Fatma M. Abdelhamid; Gehad E. Elshopakey; Mohamed Fawzy; Engy F. Risha


Brief overview about Updated Management Lines of Post Acne Erythema: Review Article

Volume 91, Issue 1, April 2023, Page 4294-4297
Dina Mohamed Khamis El-Sayed; Amany Abdelrahman Nassar; Shrook Abd Elshafy Khashaba



Volume 48, Issue 1, April 2023, Page 80-85
Sara Mohamed Abdel Rahman; Salwa Abdelsamad Younis; Afaf Abdelkhalek El Sawa; Nesma Mohamed Khalil


Protective Effects of Vitamin C on Tartrazine and Allura Red-Induced Toxicity in Male Albino Rats

Volume 91, Issue 1, April 2023, Page 5224-5231
Hanan M. Amin; Mostafa F. Abdel-Rahman; Diaa B. El-Azhari


Effect of the intercropping on growth and productivity of Balady Orange trees in Upper Egypt

Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2023, Page 152-160
Sabah M. Badawy


التأثير المحتمل لفاكهة البتايا الحمراء على داء السكري المستحث بالألوكسان في الفئران

Volume 33, Issue 01, January 2023, Page 89-101
ماجدة الشاعر; لمياء دياب; سماء محمود علي عبدالا


Effect of irrigation water quantity and salinity level on growth and internal chemical contents of Moringa plants

Volume 65, Issue 12, December 2022, Page 79-85
Hesham S. Abdelaty; Abdelaziz M. Hosni; Ahmed N. Abdelhamid; Aboelfetoh Abdalla

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