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Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, May 2022, Page 241-499  XML


Japanese encephalitis virus infection in South-East Asia: An immuno-epidemiological twist

Page 241-245
Ferdaus Hossain; Farzana Islam Sumaiya; Badruzzaman ATM; Md Masudur Rahman


Mechanisms of action and immune response for COVID-19 vaccines: A narrative review

Page 246-254
Sara M. jbeil; Mohamed Gamal; Ahmed Ayman Abdelgaleel; Mahmoud Mahamed Sateeh; Fadi Salah Mahdi; Rehab Hosny El-Sokkary


Evaluating the performance of two rapid antigen detection tests in diagnosis of SARS- COV- 2 infection

Page 255-261
yasmin adel Elmahdy; May Sherif Soliman; Sahar Mohammed Khairat; Nashwa Mohamed Reda; nermeen Eldesoukey; Noha Salah Soliman


Role of measuring serum procalcitonin and receiving prophylactic antibiotic therapy in critical COVID-19 patients.

Page 262-269
Maii Atef Shams Eldeen; Haidy Khalil; Mohamed Abdelghafar; Hoda Ali Ibrahim; Marwa A. Abdelwahab


COVID-19 associated mucormycosis and diabetes mellitus: An exploratory study

Page 270-278
Ayman R. Abd El-Hameed; Noha M. Abdelsalam; Alaa Mohamed Ahmed Saleh; Ali Mohammad Mohammad Awad; Arafa M. ElShabrawy


Sequencing of Rhinoviruses in Egyptian children with respiratory tract infections

Page 279-285
Mona Khattab; Shereen El Sayed Taha; Fatma Mohamed Abd El Aziz; Nancy Mohamed Abu Shady; Rachel Scheuer; Ron Fouchier; Ali Mohamed Zaki


Impacts of pathogen-host-drug interaction in the evolution and spread of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens

Page 286-295
aynias Seid; Nega Berhane; Takele Abayneh; Solomon Tesfaye


Sphingomonas paucimobilis septicaemia in a tertiary care hospital in Nigeria: a case report

Page 296-299
BASSEY EKENG; Rita O. Oladele; Chioma S. Osuagwu; Sunday I. Omisakin; Oluwadamilola O. Apanisile; Makinwa J. Olajumoke


Emergence of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia co-harboring tetM and smqnr and over-expressing different efflux pumps among clinical isolates from tertiary care hospitals in Alexandria, Egypt

Page 300-308
Marwa Atef Yakout; Amira ElBaradei


Study of vancomycin susceptibility pattern among Staphylococcus aureus isolated from superficial incisional surgical site infections

Page 309-317
Ali Ali; Nehad Sayed; Rania Ahmed Hassan


Spread and antibiotic resistance profile of pathogens isolated from human and hospital wastewater in Ouagadougou

Page 318-331
Ouédraogo Ganamé Abasse; Kaboré Boukaré; Emmanuel Sampo; Rober Bouda; Hama CISSE; Kpoda Dissinviel Stéphane; Ismail Odetokun; Adama Sawadogo; Bassolé Imael Henri Nestor; Aly SAVADOGO


Bacteriological profile of pyogenic infections at a tertiary care centre of Nepal

Page 332-338
Laxmi Yadav; Shamshul Ansari; Sanjay Ray Yadav; Ram Lochan Yadav


Evaluation of in vitro effect of Fosfomycin on resistant Gram-negative pathogens in urinary tract infection

Page 339-347
Zeinab Ibrahim; Ahmed Behiry; Osama Attia; Hend El-sayed


Molecular identification of virulence and antibiotic-resistant gene in Escherichia coli O157 and non-O157 recovered from water samples

Page 348-359
Busayo Olowe; Joseph Arogbodo


Incidence of multidrug resistant Salmonella spp. In local food products sold in Ado-Ekiti, southwestern Nigeria

Page 360-365
Olawande Fajilade; Oluwafemi Ajenifuja; Taiwo Layo-Akingbade


Performance of chromID® CARBA-SMART medium and carbapenemase inhibition method for the detection of carbapenemases among Gram negative bacilli

Page 366-377
Aliaa Mahmoud Ghandour; Wegdan Abdelhamid Mohamad; Rania Mohamed Bakry; Asmaa Omar Ahmed; Nahla Mohamed Elsherbiny


Evaluation of direct Carba-NP (CNPt) for screening of carbaenemases production in Gram negative bacilli

Page 378-386
Dina Erfan; Walaa Ibrahim


Colistin and Tigecycline susceptibility among carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae at a tertiary care hospital of South India

Page 387-397
Ranjit Sah; SHAMSADH BEGUM; N. Anbumani


The role of surfactants in inhibition of uropathogenic E. coli biofilm in catheterized patients in Assiut University Hospitals.

Page 398-406
Shereen Mohammed; Omnia Ashraf Ahmed; Ismail Soliman; Mostafa Samy Abbas; Wegdan Abd El Hameed Mohamed


A novel design of multi-epitope based vaccine against Escherichia coli

Page 407-419
Adeoti O Micheal; Abdulwahab O Jimoh; Agoluaje Kabirat Abiodun; A K Agboluaje; A O Aderinto; Taiwo Sanusi Aliu; D A Adesina; K A Komolafe; O J Olaoye


Clinical phenotypes and constipation severity in Parkinson’s disease: Relation to Prevotella species

Page 420-427
Jaidaa Mekky; Shwikar Ahmad; Mona Metwali; Samar Farouk; Shehab Monir; Ahmed ElSayed; Sara Asser


The Intercontinental ‘Omics’ mining of Antibiotic Resistant Genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Page 428-433
Taiwo Aderibigbe; Adeoti Micheal


Detection of A2142G, A2142C and A2143G clarithromycin mutations in Helicobacter pylori in Alexandria University Pediatric Hospital

Page 434-441
Nancy Mohamed Attia; Heba Elsilimy; Ahmed Fouad Khalil; Nahed Mohamed Baddour; Gamal El Dine Ahmed El Sawaf; Sherine Mohamed Shawky


Loop-mediated isothermal amplification: A rapid and simple method for detection of fluconazole resistant Candida albicans vaginitis

Page 442-448
Shereen Mohammed; Mohamed Ali ElFeky; Ahmed Alaa Youssef; Rania Bakry; Yousra Mamdoh; Aliaa Ghandour


Effect of clindamycin vaginal pessary before cesarean section on postpartum infectious morbidity

Page 449-456
Mostafa Abdo Ahmed Salem; Al-Zahraa Mohammad Soliman; Islam Mohamed Magdi Ammar


The role of cytological smears in identification of bacterial infection and abnormalities in vaginal epithelium cells among apparently healthy married Sudanese Women

Page 457-464
Mohammed Abdelgader Elsheikh; Einas Motwafig Altom; Alkhair Idris; Mahmoud Ibrahim Osman; Ibrahim Bakhit Yousif Elemam; Awad Eljeed Abugooda Alobaid


The value of PAP and AgNOR techniques in identification of bacterial infections and Cytomorphological changes in buccal cavity of Sudanese Hookah Users

Page 465-471
Alkhair Abd Almahmoud Idris; Einas Motwafig Altom; Mohammed Abdelgader Elsheikh


Upshot of virulence markers and effects of temperature and pH on haemolytic bacteria in South-west Nigeria

Page 472-483
Olubukola Olusola-Makinde; Michael Bayode; Ayomikun Somefun


Comparing bacteriological parameters of sachet water samples collected in Nassarawa and Tarauni local Governments, Kano Metropolis, Kano State, Nigeria

Page 484-491
Ibrahim Safana Aliyu; muhammad Salihu Abdallah; Waiya Sumayya A.; Adamu Abdullahi Shehu; Yahaya Sani Muhammad


Prevalence of Plasmodium vivax species in Elhajyosife area in Shergalnile locality in Khartoum State

Page 492-499
Samwal Haj Osman; Sababil Salih Ali; Alkhair Abd Almahmoud Idris; Romisa Mohamed Ahmed; Aya Mamoun Abdaltaif; Esra Khalid Abdalla; Madlin Mahmoud Ali; Hiba Aldai Hamad Elsayed Altaher; Roumissa Alfadil Elsayed Ahmed; Maha Anwar Hassan