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Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2023, Page 0-223  XML


A Study on Different Types of Seersucker Fabric Design by Industrial Scale Production Line

Page 26-33
Muhammet Uzun; Ayçin Asma; Emine Kanberoğlu; Naz Kadınkız; Ertuğrul Polat


Free Form Interior Design: Analysis and Criticism for a Modern Trend

Page 34-45
Hala Mahmoud


Using Infographics as Communicative Tools During Covid-19 Pandemic in Egypt: an Analytical Study

Page 46-59
Ola Suleiman


A Vision of the Future of Product & Interior Design in Consideration of Environmental Energy Architecture Perception

Page 60-80
Ahmed Romouzy; Rehab Abd Elfatah


Biomimicry as an Innovation Behavior in Architecture and Interior Design

Page 81-92
Rania Awadalla


The phenomenon of targeting Facebook users by using Facebook groups/pages to promote products/services without the need for advertising and marketing companies

Page 93-108
Dena Magdy Hanna


Innovative Modern Furniture Inspired by Egyptian Identity Made from Palm Fronds and Digital Printing Trendy Upholstery Designs

Page 109-124
Naglaa Ezzat Ahmed Mahmoud; Heba Mohamed Okasha Abu Elkamal Elsayegh


Fashion Design Process for Small and Medium Enterprises

Page 125-144
Rasha Wagdy Khalil; Wedian Madian


Environmental Entrepreneurship Technology and Its Impact on the Design of Sustainable Small and Micro Enterprises

Page 145-156
Rehab Abdelfatah Sherif


Contemporary Intellectual Trends to Treat Architectural Forms With a Sculptural Orientation

Page 162-170
Dina Radwan Mohamed Radwan Radwan


Environment and Sustainability and their Impact on Interior Design

Page 171-178
Hadeer Sayed Mohamed Mohamed Ismail Ismail; Aly Senousy


Animated Advertising Design Using Augmented Reality Technology for Special Needs Students with Hard of Hearing

Page 179-190
Nahla Sayed Aly; Gehan Abdel Alim Khalil


Employing the Reverse Psychology in Advertising and its Impact on the Mental Energy of the Recipient

Page 191-197
Mohga Ahmed Osama Osama; Samar Hany Abo-donia; Ateiat Elgabry


Employing Emotional Appeals to Influence the Recipients of the Advertisement

Page 198-206
Yasmine Mohamed Rashad; Maysoon Qutp; Mostafa Kamal


The Role of the Celebrity Endorsement Strategy in Influencing the Recipient's Purchasing Behavior During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Page 207-214
Norhan Hesham Abdel-gawad; Tamer Abdlatef Abdlrazek; Samar Hany Abo-donia


Visual Persuasion Techniques in Ambigram Art and Application in Contemporary Advertising Design

Page 215-229
Haidy Abo-elgheat


The Role of the Designer in Reworking the Interior Design and Furniture of the Containers as a Temporary Residence for Young People

Page 230-243
Rania Atef Fekry; Rania Mosaad Saad; Saied Hassan Abdelrahman


The Effectiveness of Experiential Marketing in Building Governmental Advertising Campaigns

Page 244-257
Abeer Hassan Abdo; Mai Ali Nada; Basma Kater


The Effectiveness of the Advertising Message in Supporting Women Using Coding for Visual Appropriate

Page 258-265
Noha Hassan Ahmed Hamed


The Role of Digital Design Thoughts in the Development of Contemporary Interior Design

Page 266-185
Omnia Mohamed Ibrahem; Ola Ali Hashem; Ashraf Hussien Ibrahem


Achieving Uniformity between the Frames of One Scene in Terms of Exposure in Films Produced Using the Stop Motion Technique.

Page 286-293
Mennatullah Tarek Abdelrahman; Maged Ibrahim; Khaled Ali Ewis; Hanan Mohamed Ibrahim


Perceptual Evaluation & Visual public Preference Model for Kinetic Art Works

Page 294-310
Menna Mahmoud Rizk; Nessreen Ibrahim; Nevine Bayomy Farghaly; Abdelkhalek Nasr


High-definition Flexographic Technology Effect on Digital Flexographic Printing Plates Production to Improve Flexible Packaging Prints

Page 311-322
Sarah Mohamed Abo Dahab; Mohamed Atya Farhaty; Tamer Ali Abdalmged


The Aesthetic and Artistic Values of Interior Architecture in View

Page 323-334
Mohamed Abd Elkhalek; Ahmed Foad hassen Mahdi; Basma Khalil Khalil Ebrahim


Design Concept for Interior Spaces that Based on the Philosophy of Movies

Page 335-347
Mohamed Abdel-Mohsen Abd Elkhalek; Ahmed Foad Mahdi; Basma Khalil Khalil Ebrahim


Effectiveness of Employing Distinctive Brand Assets in Advertising Design

Page 348-357
Ahmed Zakaria; Maysoon Qutp; Samar Abodonia


Internet of Things and Functionality in the Internal Environment of Smart Homes

Page 358-371
Nesma Ashour; Ashraf Ibrahim; Dalia Ezzat


Discovery Learning Strategy as a Resource for Developing Interior Design Basics Education

Page 372-387
Aalaa Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Ghaffar; Ashraf Hussien Ibrahim; Ahmed Samir Kamel


Intellectual Foundations of Cybertecture and Its Impact on Interior Spaces

Page 388-397
ٍSarah Fathy Ahmed Fahmy


Benefiting from the Design Sprint Methodology as a New Tool in Teaching Product Design Curricula in Educational Institutions

Page 398-412
Kareem Saber Mostafa


Effectiveness of Employing Digital Flat Design to Achieve Sustainability

Page 413-427
Nourhan Maged; Mai Ali Nada; Mohamed Mahmoud Kamal El-Dean